The smart company

Conduct is all about quickly gaining new insights and capitalising on those new insights. It helps you turn your company into a smart company. It does so by making it less dependent on its IT organisation and its change process.

The sluggish IT change process

In many enterprises, the business people are tired of waiting for the IT departments to implement the new desired functionality. First of all requirements gathering, then developing, testing, installing, and also you have to know everything up front. Even with Agile teams they need to know the specifications of the new function all up front. What happens if you change your mind? You have to wait for the next sprint to redevelop. Yet another intake. Again developing, then adapting the test scenarios, and then installing, user acceptance testing, pre-prod testing. And oh wait, did you conform to the acceptance criteria of your application support organisation? Now what’s agile in that?

What if you would have agile business teams instead? No longer waiting for the IT guys? Instead you would have a platform where you add your new insights, see how it behaves. If you like it, you keep it, if not, then not. Just add, and stir, ah well no stirring required. Non-intrusively. Everything else just keeps running.

How to turn into the smart company

How? All you do is listening for events. Do your trick with them, and see what happens. If you like your new trick, maybe others will too. If so, then people will start listening for events you generate. The more they listen, the more your new trick is used. Old tricks, which are no longer used, are marked for removal automatically. No waist goes unnoticed. That’s Conduct. Lean and mean. Quick to change. Hello to cells and stimuli, goodbye to BPM!

Business SCRUM teams

Imagine a SCRUM team with business people only. Or perhaps add a compliancy officer. You want to get more out of the data available to you. Start brainstorming about what all those events imply. What they mean. Can we use those events? Do they really mean something important?Yes, then lets implement them. Add new brain cells to your department, your organisation and continue to grow smarter quickly.

In February this year we will be starting a new IoT project with a business SCRUM team. Conduct has been in beta version for some time now, and time has come to work on the UX of the design interface. Together with accountants and bookkeepers we will be working on Conduct implementation of Mezzo.

If you are interested in how you can grow your company into a smart company quickly, contact us for a demo.

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